Monday, February 28, 2011

Sometimes It's Worth The Wait!

...and the Fed Ex man doth come!  ( AKA... the prayers of all have been answered) 3 cups of coffee later I am back with the living just in time to head to bed! No more stopping at Cenex and McDonalds and Starbucks!!!! I can sample the best right here at home while rounding kids up for homework, chores, baths and while shooing them out the door to catch the bus. Nothing could be better! : )

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A True Addiction

Have you ever wondered if you really needed something and then decided that at any time you could probably get by without it? Well, I have realized that coffee is the one thing that I cannot get by without.

Last Friday I decided to brake down, set my trusted $10 coffee pot aside and order a Keurig. I figured that I had some Christmas money left over and why not. So I dug out my coupons and I ordered away! I anticipated its arrival on Tuesday and sent my old pot to the shop for the guys to use since theirs broke. I figured that at the latest I'd be brewing a wide variety of single cups coffees by Wednesday night. Boy, was I wrong!  I guess you could say I am spoiled with 2-day delivery from Amazon and this I did not order from there.

It is now Saturday evening and I am still without my Keurig.  All of my instant coffee is gone, the pot that my ever-so-wonderful husband brewed at the shop and brought me this morning is gone too and the UPS/ FED EX man didn't come and visit me today.

Sometimes, I wonder what really is important, what is really needed and what makes my day so much better. Coffee is neither of the first two, but without a doubt makes my day so much better! So, kids, hubby and all who cross my path, please know that it is you that is the most important and I am trying my best to get by until Monday when the FED EX/ UPS man hopefully comes to visit!