Thursday, May 19, 2011


What is the most popular pizza topping in America?
In honor of Farm Fact Friday and my family's tradition of eating pizza on Friday for as long as I can remember....I thought this was appropriate.

Did you know that Americans eat about 100 acres of pizza every day. That is a little over the total area of 100 NFL football fields.

I have never thought as much about pizza as I have in the past few months. I always entertained the thought about what kind I wanted to eat, why the kinds my kids wanted were so much more expensive than what I wanted (thank you advertising and package design specialists) and how many different brands of frozen pizza there are still surprises me, but I have now thought about what really makes a pizza.

I was fortunate enough to be able to spend 3 days, one each in Minot, Bismarck and Dickinson talking to and sprouting seeds in glove gardens with elementary students through the Marketplace for Kids program. It was here that we talked about food. We talked about growing food, the foods we liked to eat and fun things that we could do with food besides eat it. Most importantly we talked about where all the food mentioned came from. About 90% of the items mentioned could be raised on or grown from the ground right here in the state of North Dakota. I told them that there were not too many places that could actually claim that and that they should be proud.

We also talked about the fact that many of us can say one of our favorite foods is pizza. This can be said because the ability to mix and match toppings in infiniate and can be adjusted to meet everyone's tastes. Despite the ability to place anything on top of a ground wheat, yeast and water crust, most of the toppings (minus pinapple) all could be raised or grown in North Dakota.

So, the next time you bite into that hot, cheesy, tasty pizza, think about what you are eating, where it came from and the work that went into raising and growing the product that you enjoy eating so much!

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