Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A House Cheer Up that Smells Good Too!

So, I love to be outside working in my yard and garden. Infact, I think that I could spend most of everyday there. I also think about what I am going to change, rearrange etc. on a regular basis. But, sometimes I have to focus on the inside of my house too. During the summer, I can certainly say that the inside of my house definately gets neglected!

Anyway, I hosted a Vintage Couture clothing party last night. ( AWESOMELY CUTE STUFF I MUST SAY!) This meant that I had to venture inside and clean/ tidy up the inside of my house and hide the things that I knew I was not going to get put away. I tossed a few things in closets, a few things in baskets and cupboards and the rest found semi- correct resting places. But thenI realized I had tables and counters without the regular piles and collections on them and my house felt "empty". So, I ventured outside to see what I could find to brighten and fill up the space..... I was able to find a few lillies still in bloom and some other flowers that I am not sure what they are. Oh yah and sunflowers! So I tossed them into a few vases and set them out. It is amazing what you can do with a few glass jars, river rock from the landscaping and the last of the flowers....
As I got started finalizing my "cleaning" I found one last table that needed a little something. So, I decided that I would try out a herb bouquet.

A bit of Rosemary, some Basil and a pom of Hydrangia and I had a cute little very fresh smelling arrangement. Not to mention a living room that smelled wonderful!
So, enjoy all that the great outdoors has to offer, treat it with care and it will repay you with lots of enjoyment, entertainment and beauty.

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