Thursday, September 15, 2011

Small Town Fun

August was full of chaos! Harvest was in full swing, crazy storms appeared out of no where, school started and of course I had sick kids! But it was also filled with wonderful moments, fun, and enjoyment!

Each year about the second weekend in August our small town of Underwood, ND holds what we call "Harvest Fest". This event is filled with a full day of events ranging from scavenger hunts and challenges for small children through adults, bingo, music under the tent, a horseshoe tournament, inflatable jumpy "things", a rock wall, rummage sales, yummy food, and of course a tractor pull and a parade. Actually, two parades... one for kids and one featuring kids! The evening then concludes with a great band and a street dance!

Here are some parade pictures from the ever-so- fun Kiddie Parade and other events!
"Harvesting Up Some Loot"
My Girls with their entry "Home Grown Goodness"
"Hunting up a Harvest"

A bit of friendly sibling rivalry while waiting for the tractor pull to begin....

It was a fun day and one I am proud to partake in with my family! Small town fun may not be big and flashy, but it is jam packed with down-to-earth entertainment, sense of community and memories!

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  1. Awesome small town fun. Love it and full of memories for your kids.