Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where is My Prairie?

It has been a LONG time since I took time to write. Quite honestly I am not sure how 3+ months have passed but, I am ready to get going again!

Last night I arrived home at 12:40am after the completion of our 5th trip since December 22nd. Today I return to Bismarck (1hour away) for appointments all day and wonder where my prairie days have gone? It seems that I am missing part of life that I have come to enjoy.... Hot coffee and the sunrise, a landscape of flat fields and rolling small hills, a few moments with my husband and kids and a sense of having a bit if time to do the things I enjoy.
So how do I get this back when so much of my running is out of necessity and for others and for purposes I can't always pass up?
I have come to think that it is about perspective. It's not what I am missing or losing, but what I am gaining. Then I may just need to set the alarm earlier and schedule better so the coffee and I can enjoy the solitude, glow and colors of the morning!
Finally, I guess there is always tomorrow!

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