Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Lazy Day-Z

After a busy week and a crazy Saturday taking 6 kids out to lunch a movie today has been rather lazy. Despite a catching a few minutes of several Lifetime and Food Network shows, nothing great has been accomplished!
Well, I should say my kids have accomplished a lot.
They have made sushi and chop suey for brunch with orange cookies for dessert!

We have several new Lego constructions including eagles, 4- wheelers, and alien battleships.

In efforts to avoid all naps we have read to babies, fed them, sung to them and rocked them so that they could sleep and wake up happy.

If that wasn't enough they all got along!
Despite the chaos that my house looks like when you walk in the door, our lazy day is one that was well spent.

Laundry and floor washing can always wait. I might as well make it worth the effort and tackle a LARGE pile instead of a medium one and scrub a few more spots off the floor if I am going to do a few. Right?

Here's to hoping others have moments like this today too!

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