Friday, March 6, 2015

Be Bold... Wonder Women

March is National Women's History Month. It is a series of dates in which women past and present are highlight, celebrated, acknowledged for their contribution and accomplishments. As I look back at the past 37 years there are many people I would put on a list to celebrate. They all have one thing in common.... They ALL took risks and stepped out of their comfort zone.

Over the past two years, I have been fortunate to participate in a national leadership program, Partners in Agricultural Leadership. Despite agriculture's need for leaders, feet on the ground spoke people, and communicators, being part of this program has developed me to use leadership, communication, problem solving, research, listening, issue development and empathy in real life. In real life I value these skills in relation to our farm/ agriculture and within in my involvement in my state and community. It is with these skills that I have stepped back and realized that if I am going to complain and desire something different, then I better be ready to offer solutions.

Today, many women have found opportunities to be involved. They have discovered that they do not need to be part of a group or club designed only for them. They know that they are valued for more than their ability to bake, make decorations, and care for children. Today, women, although more difficult in some regions of our country than others, are leaders, communicators, and connectors out in the open, not just behind closed doors. Today, women are electing to participate in women's and ladies' groups because they see value and comfort in them and by choice, not because that is their only opportunity!

So, for all you women, moms, aunts, business owners, homemakers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, young ladies, athletes, musicians, students, service workers, etc..... BE BOLD, celebrate yourself, your talents, and passions. Step up and be involved, let your desires, concerns, ideals, and solutions be heard. YOU have a lot to offer!

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