Monday, July 11, 2011

To Say What When

Ok... Something I have been struggling with ever since I moved to my small town is how to say what when. What I mean is that because we are small, many people do not voice concerns for fear that they will make waves, because it has always been this or that way, their family will be affected, etc. AS a non-small town girl I get upset because at what point do we as people lose our rights because we live in a small town. I also become frustrated at the fact the we have many differnet roles that we play (parent, community member, board member, cousin, brother etc) and that we need to be able to seperate those roles when we have concerns or congratulations to share. I may be a tax payer, teacher and a community member, but I still have the right to be heard as the parent of my child. I have become upset at small town politics and the struggle to do what is right for fear of what might happen.

What I am in search of is how do you get others to see that making the right decision is not always easy, will not always give you an immediate sense of relief/ accomplishment, and may not be of benefit to you, but may simply be the right thing to do? In 11 years I have continued to beat my head against the wall. Yet, I do not give up hope for there has to be someone or a group of someones that still have their feet on the ground, head screwed on straight, and thick skin. So, until I find them, I continue to gentally ruffle feathers looking for the flock that stands for what is right and not easy!

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