Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Cleaning Fairy

On most days I wish for a cleaning fairy. With 5 kids, a crazy schedule, a farm and a puppy nothing is ever clean and sometimes not even tidy. I dream of the cleaning fairy.... one that does not judge you, you do not have to pick up for, will come instantly when called, and gets the stuff out of the corners and behind the toilets that tend to be a bit scary.

Well, my second to youngest decided that she would try to help me out when I dodged out of the kitchen for a quick trip to the bathroom BY MYSELF :) My oldest daughter had made watermelon juice and melon slime for snack after her dance practice. ( Yippee- one less thing to tackle before heading to church school.)

It was fresh from the garden and kinda a fun, but messy project. She ended up getting a "few" seeds on the floor. So I asked her to clean it up when she was done. I then made my dash to the restroom, got side tracked and picked up a few things on the way and when I returned I was greeted with , "I'm helping Libby. She wanted to go downstairs." I looked and she was washing the floor.

I noticed the rag was wet and asked if she did that herself. She proudly said that she had and that the pink water smelled so good and was easy to get. She exclaimed, "I did it by myself. Now the floor smells good and not like puppy." I fought back tears and a desire to scream. I simply smiled and let her know that "see-through" water is for the floor. Pink yummy water is juice to drink. She was a bit sad and said, " I was being a big kid. I like to help. Next time can I use this?" and walks over to the pantry and grabs the non-stick spray. " It helps keep things from sticking just like the pancakes." Her smile was back and all I could do was say, "Mom will wash the floor.

You take these (cleaning wipes) and wipe the cupboards." And so we began the next round of cleaning and my dream of the non-judgemental cleaning fairly was more alive than ever!

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