Saturday, October 13, 2012

Spooky Snacks

I will start by telling you that Halloween is my least favorite holiday, but one that ranks high for my kids. It is fun to see everyone dressed up, but a lot of work.

Despite my feelings for the holiday I thought it would be fun to make some spooky snacks for 4-H tomorrow. They are kinda healthy, but still yummy. Who can't resist chocolate, pretzels, brownies and rice crispy bars? Oh yah, I am bringing a big dish of grapes too.

There are pumpkin rice crispy bars, ghost brownies, and graveyard pretzels. The kids thought they were pretty good too! They had to sample of course. So you may be asking what is healthy about all these snacks. Well, I used Fiber One brownies, the crispy bars are low fat and bite size, and the pretzels are whole wheat.

The best part of these snacks are that there were quick! Nothing like opening a bunch of wrappers cutting them into smaller pieces and/ or reshaping them and adding, what is a must to have on hand, almond bark and white frosting that can be quickly colored! What could have been a LONG day of snack preparation took an hour and got my kiddos involved!
It was a yummy, quick good old time! Leaving us time to play outside in what may be our last nice weekend of Fall!

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