Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Value of Committing

What is the value of committing? Why do some people commit, some avoid it at all costs, and others over do it?

I know that there are answers ranging from one end of the spectrum to the other, but it is something to think about.

For me I used to over commit for fear that if I didn't I wouldn't like what someone else would do. In hindsight I acted out of lack of trust and confidence in others and a deep desire for control. The result was a lot of stress, lack of control, a lot of things partially done or not done well, extreme tiredness, unhappiness and ultimately confusion as to why all the previous was happening.

Recently I have not renewed some of my commitments. Life is still crazy, I am still tired, things are still not always completed, but it is for a very different reason. I am a mom of 5, working on a few projects I deeply believe in, spending a few days a month substitute teaching and chasing kids in several directions. All things I want to do, not obligated or guilted into doing. I may still be tired and things may be crazy, but I am now committed to doing what I want to be committed to and it feels SO good!

So if I were to share a few words of wisdom, I'd say " Ask yourself why you are or are not willing to commit. Find out what is to be gained or lost and how it impacts what you already have going." Remember some commitments do not have an end date... They renew themselves (with or without your permission).

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