Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Prom Dresses and Politics

Today was a great day! I was able to work with numerous Jr. High and High School students who are filled with possibility and amazing perspective! Today they enlightened me for a bit with their thoughts on politics and prom dresses. It is amazing how they can tie these topics to the various science topics that they were to be learning about. Sometimes it was a stretch, but a connection nontheless.

What I learned:
* Smoking is a hot topic. Some feel it is a right, others a priviledge.
* Feel that elections should be won by the popular vote, not the electoral college.
* Politcal ads do not represent those running well.
* They are nervous for the future.
* They are happy to know that we only have 4 years and then there will be another opportunity.
* Politics are about ones chemistry with people, not the issues.
* They are concerned about our state because we have oil, natural gas and coal.
* Animal welfare is important to many differnt kinds of people.
* They realize that Farming and Ranching is at the heart of the North Dakota heritage.
* They are excited for the opportunity to vote!

I also learned:
* That prom dress shopping is a year long event.
* Dresses are expensive.
* There are a numerous styles and hundreds of colors/ patterns.
* Nothing is totally ruled out until it has been tried on.
* The laws of physics come into play when finding a dress that will fit correctly and stay up.
* Hours are spent searching online for just the "right" dress.
* All generally attend the dance, but choose to attend the party if it is good.
* Guys wait until closer to decide who they want to go to the dance with incase they are no longer dating the same person as they are today, but that it is understood that they will attend with whomever they are dating close to the Prom.

All in all, whether you are talking prom or politics, in the message the students shared it was all about the "P".... possibility, perspective, patience, popularity and the party!

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