Monday, September 9, 2013

18 Years of Concession Stands

It was this past Saturday as I was trying to figure out how to attend my daughter's elementary basketball game and get to my son's football game that I realized I have about 18 years of concession stand food ahead of me. 
Don't get me wrong, I love popcorn, hotdogs ,and  chocolate, but thinking of feasting on this several times a week for 18 years was a bit too much! 

Then I reminded myself that there are 11 yrs between my oldest and youngest. This means that the decisions as to how to attend all of my own kids' games is just the beginning. I may have to try and figure out how to attend high school games of my youngest, and grand kids (maybe even college events for some of my other kids) as the 18 years winds down.  Oh my!!!! 
I better start thinking of a good exercise program to burn off all those tasty favorites of mine! Perhaps I will become the cheerleader parent... Standing and sitting, standing and sitting all while screaming words of encouragement... That has to burn some calories, right? 
Perhaps I should keep track of how much is spent too? Thinking it will add up to one heck of a nice world wide cruise! ;-) 


  1. Hi Katie,

    This is such a fun post. I would love to contact you about the possibility of submitting some content to a publication I work for. Do you have an e-mail address I could reach you at?

    Sarah Dykowski

    1. My email is Look forward to hearing from you. I am also on FB.