Monday, August 19, 2013

Smell of Clean Doesn't Happen Often

I will start out that I often tidy up the house, but rarely spend time deep cleaning. Yesterday was one day that I actually spent time CLEANING! What provoked this....well, hosting a meeting at my house last night may have been the kick in the pants I needed!

Two of my five kids were gone, and I hired a sitter for the others. She is great! She took them to the pool and then hung with them for a while watching movies and playing. I on the other hand got busy, pulling out the bucket of Clorox Wipes, Vinegar, rags, and a few other things. I started in one room, then jumped to another, then jumped to another, then realized I never finished in the first room and returned. I then tried to finish what I had left undone, but thought about this or that and continued cleaning in a disorderly fashion. After about 4 hours, I had the main level looking presentable and in a condition that those coming to my house would not need to get a tetenus booster.The best part was the smell. I do believe that besides fresh baked cookies and bread that a clean house is one of my favorite smells!

I then had to think about how to keep it clean...I had two hours until the meeting. I whisked the kids out to supper, drove around looking at fields of crops and then came home just in time to set out dessert and change clothes for my meeting... operation clean house... A success! 

After the meeting, I got to thinking  how I was going to keep the house clean for a long period of time and hide the "clean" smell. My family doesnt seem to notice clean, but they do smells. If they notice how the house looks as a result of smelling a clean house, they might think that it needs to be clean vs. tidy more often.  (Hmmmm. Maybe someone would " pass gas" or my 1 year old would get a dirty diaper.)

and then there was 12 hours later.... and reality hit....not tidy, not too clean. 

But it is a house that is a home to 5 kids and a happy family! I wouldn't change it for the world!

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