Saturday, October 12, 2013

Married to the Farm

When I met my husband about 15 years ago, I had no idea the ride I was about to encounter. I did not know the time farming required, the training and learning that were needed, the amount of planning and investment it took to run a business, let alone a farm as a business. We are a business, but we are family farm too. Each year, I learn more about our farm and agriculture as a whole, I appreciate more, and I realize over and over that my husband is the rock in our family. He keeps me grounded, keeps us all going and makes sure that we are working as a team. He is my prince and treats me like his princess.... I wrote this in a Facebook post the other day, but wanted to share it in another way too! Love ya Steven! Thanks for all you do!

Married to the farmer, Married to the land,
Living a life many don't understand.
These hands hold out future, from here until the end,
with The Lord's Blessing, Mother Nature will be our friend.
From endless work that is done day to day,
to sleepless night and lack of play.
My Farmer is the strength of our home,
making sure we are a team and never stand alone.
This life has its ups and downs,
but to the Farmer,
thank you for your smile, making me your princess without a crown!

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