Friday, March 14, 2014

Corn for My Jaw

One never knows when the things growing in their backyard will come In handy. As a farmer who grows corn, I never imagined that it would turn to be a medical treatment. Yah, I know kinda crazy. Yah I know, the corn used is probably not directly from my field, but it is the same crop.... Corn!   

Over the last few years I have developed a fairly a severe click in my jaw. I have tried oral orthotics, stopped eating certain things, chiropractic care, and even electrode therapy. Nothing has worked to heal my jaw joints. So, I thought I was doomed to either have to wear a mouth piece the rest of my life or deal with the clicking and grinding. I thought that until my orthodontist recommended prolotherapy , Simple injections of a solution made of water and corn sugar! 

So what does it do? Well it is simple. Sugar in general is an inflammatory. It causes inflammation. So, when this solution is injected into the join, the issue slightly swells and it causes the tendons to constrict. Thus causing my loosened tendons to constrict and my jaw to move properly. So, how long does each treatment last about 2-3 weeks. It seems like it should last a bit longer, but one has to remember that the more the join is used the more quickly the reaction to the solution dissipates. So, I go back every 3 weeks to receive more, each time I go the dose is adjusted based in the results. Eventually, I will be able to spread out the treatments as my tendons will has "relearned" what they need to do and where they need to be, as well as, retain some of the tightness that has been lost over the years, but reintroduced through this therapy.

I am constantly reminded that the family farm I operate with my husband and our employees is much bigger than just food and fuel. We are providing products that are used in products on the shelves at stores, in medical supplies, and in construction and manufacturing materials. I am thankful for the hands at work who grow these crops, the minds that are structured to invent new uses, the technology to transform, and the industries and people who put these crop based products into our lives and use them on a daily basis! 

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