Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Farmers + Politics = An Essential Combination

Farmers become involved in politics for no other reason than they have to. For it is those at the table that make and influence decisions.We live in a time when most of our state and national representation are from urban and suburban areas.
(ND Legislative districts- concentration of districts around the towns of Fargo, Grand Forks, Bismarck, & Minot)

It is also a time that the majority of our representatives are so disconnected with agriculture, farming, ranching and agribusiness that we need to become involved, share our stories and ask questions regarding proposed legislation and current law. Farmers are involved in politics to limit the constant threat of an over burdensome government. We live in a time where environmental, animal welfare, food safety, and nutritional special interest groups are driving policy and practices based on the amount of money they can sink into a campaign and the amount of fear they can drive into people's hearts.

Farmers become involved in politics as a way to connect with those representing them.
They become involved to put a face and a story to actions being contemplated. Farmers provide a specific examples of how certain rules or practice guidelines will be beneficial or detrimental to their business. Farmers become involved so that they can be knowledgeable, help their family farm and businesses prepare for the future, defend their heritage and rights as a property owner, small business owner/ operator and invest in the future of the land, agriculture, and their families.

Farmers become involved in politics because if it is not us, the farmers, then it is everyone else. If we don't get involved now, then when?
We know that we need to be present, active, and knowledgeable so that we are not forced to compromise our beliefs, heritage and future and risk the demise of the oldest industry and the backbone of our national economy at the hands of those who "think" they know what is best for us, but have never asked.

So, step up and get involved. Agriculture today and tomorrow needs you!

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