Thursday, April 24, 2014

Our Calf Crew

The other day I sat out in our cattle corral and reflected upon many things. As I was doing so, I was surrounded by 3 calves. They were nudging me, licking me and mooing!It was then that I realized how much enjoyment raising a few calves can bring. This is our second year taking on a few bottle calves and we LOVE it!
They are just the right size for all my kids to interact with, learn about their characteristics, and to care for. They are also just right for me! I love having them run to the gate when they hear the back door open and close. Seeing them jump around play is a wonderful sight. They play tag with the kids and our goats and give lots of kisses. I especially love that the kids take on the responsibility of feeding, watering and changing their bedding. Taking in and raising a few calves is not a necessity, but a nicety. It teaches us all about compassion, responsibility, priorities and planning. It helps us understand the needs of other living things and get a feel for what ranchers and livestock owners go through each and everyday. Our calves our loved, cared for and played with. My kids give them names according to their personalities. This year we have Rosey- an average size gal, good natured and strong, Daisy- petite, calm, and personable, and Rocky- a large bull calf, playful, and gentle. The kids give the calves a lot of attention, love and treats, but they know that they are different than the pets we have. They are ultimately being raised for food. My kids are ok with that. They know that that is the lifecycle of cattle and other animals that we have. How do I know? Well, because they say it. They tell others. They look forward to selling their animals each fall and taking in new ones in the spring. Raising a few animals is an experience that I cherish because it naturally teaches many things that are essential at all stages of life!
Here's to Moo-ving forward and raising healthy calves, well-rounded happy kids and experiences of a lifetime!

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  1. Hi Katie,
    Charming post! I've followed your blog for a while now since I blog for the Grand Forks CVB and we're always looking for great ND perspectives like yours. I just must comment here since you have a perfect description of spring with calves (I great up in rural Minnesota) -- especially the lessons it teaches to lucky kiddos like yours! Looking forward to your other adventures, take care.