Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Gets an "F"

Yes, 2015 already gets an "F" from me. At a time in the year in which so many people are taking time to make resolutions to do things or not do things, I sat back and reflected on what is valuable in my life. The last part of 2014 was challenging and I had to put quite a few things on the back burner and identify what mattered most. Now that 2015 has hit, I had to decide if any of those "back-burner" things could be moved forward or if I had enough on my plate.

As I sat and thought and tried to categorize the things that I valued each day, my list became rather short. 2015 will be full of " F's",but certainly not failure. In fact, it will be filled with things that will allow my family and I to persevere and succeed. In 2015 I resolve to focus on:
and of course FRIDAYS!

None of these things come easy. All take dedication and effort. I am certain that balancing them will be challenging and force me to be less selfish. But, in the end everything will be better, stronger and more settled. It is my plan to share stories from all my "F's" throughout the year on Friday's! Why Friday? well, because it is a day of celebration. For many it is payday, end of the regular work week, the beginning of more family time, time to see friends and family, leads to planned day of worship, and for us allows our family to work together on the farm. And perhaps for no other reason than, it is my favorite day of the week!

So, until next week when I share about FOOD, think about what letter grade you plan to give 2015!

"Rooted in love and grounded by faith." Eph 3:17

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