Thursday, May 14, 2015

Text Messages of a Farm Wife in Spring

Like many others I have come to depend on my smartphone!
It dawned on me yesterday that the type of texts that I send and receive from maybe different from that of many others.

So, I share a few.....
Life is crazy busy with our farm and five kids. So, we divide and conquer during the busy farm seasons and send pics of kids' events and activities.

I also get pictures of what my kids are doing out in the tractor or when helping plant the crops with their dad....

Crop/ field reports and technology updates are also a hot item this time of the year!

Then there is always the attempt of enticing Mr. Farmer to "hurry up" and get home with pictures of his supper...

And some of my favorites are the simple reminders, despite all the stress, frustrations, long hours and time apart, that doing what we love and having each day come to a close with scenery like this, makes it all worthwhile!

Enjoy each day and the messages you receive! Treasure all you have been given and take nothing for granted!
( Yes, another text message.... you never know what will show up to inspire you in the palm of your hand!)

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  1. Great to see your farm pictures, The kids enjoying themselves and a farmers supper. look delicious. thanks.