Friday, May 8, 2015

Winter was Good, But my Jeans Say Different

So what does one do when the Winter and sweatpants weren't so kind to the thighs and jeans?
Whether you are a size 2 or 20, it seems like being healthy and being comfortable with yourself and in your clothes is something that floats around in the minds of moms.

This past winter was probably the least physically active and busiest travel winter that I have ever had. For me that means I sat at my desk or in meetings, wore sweat pants to clean, fold laundry and attend kids' sporting events and eating some really great food! But my jeans, shorts and many of my dress pants are screaming.... HELP! (FYI- so is my checkbook because buying new clothes is just not an option!)

So, now that it is early May, what can I do....that took a lot of thought. No, really it did. I have spent several days tossing around in my mind the things I am realistically willing and able to do. Here is what I came up with...
* I don't drink enough water... no coffee probably doesn't count
* I LOVE carbs... ok, I could devour a whole loaf of fresh bread, pound of pasta, and baskets of starchy fruits and vegies
* I am not nearly as active as I should be.... thinking and moving my fingers doesn't do much for the butt or thighs.

So what does this acknowledgement and profession actually lead me to do. That's a great question!

FIRST- I have to drink 4 glasses of water before I can have my first cup of coffee( built in motivator!!!!)

SECOND- I have to have at least 6 more glasses of water before 7 pm..... So a total of 10 glasses before 7 pm.
THIRD- Carbs.... 1) be aware of foods besides breads, pastas and fruits that have carbs and 2) reduce intake of carbs to 40% of daily calorie intake and increase protein!

FOURTH (and final for now)- MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! I have decided to take on a commitment of 20 continual minutes of movement each day. I know this is doable! I can "find" time to do this... especially because so many things I do each day can be enhanced to be a bit more active! (Here is a good Youtube video (there are TONS) that shows simple ways to make each regular house task more active!


Exercise doesn't have to include a machine to have an impact.
Think about this: stair climbing, sweeping and vacuuming with a little extra "gusto", dancing with your kids, raking, lawn mowing with a push mower, walking, playing a game of tag, swimming, yard work, gardening, bike riding, washing the car, and for us farm moms.... cleaning out livestock pens and shoveling grain bins!

CARB CALCULATOR: Number of grams of carbs x 4= total calories. Figure amount of total carb intake by taking total daily calories recommended per day x % of from your plan. Then divide that number by 4 to get the amount of carbohydrate grams to eat.(example: 1750 calories per day x 40% =700 calories from carbs. 700cal / 4cal per gram of carb = 174 carbs per day.)

Disclaimer: I am not a health professional. I am just a mom with some ideas, sharing them for anyone that wants to read. As many health articles suggest and I share their thought too, if you have concerns for or about your health, healthcare professionals recommend visiting with them before starting a new dietary or exercise routine.

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