Thursday, January 16, 2014

Vacations, Viruses, Vomit, & the Virtual World

After being gone at the national Farm Bureau Annual meeting in San Antonio, I arrived home to a tidy house, some closets cleaned out, and sickness! 

My four year had come down with Influena! Which means, coughs, fevers, weeping eyes and lots of snuggle time! It also means that we all get to be on Tamaflu! Yippee!! 

In addition to a virus (or several I presume- given the runny noses of other kids), I was greeted with a phone call from the school letting me know that my 10 year old had vomited in the hallway! Yippee #2!! So of course we go and pick her up and she is instantly better! Supposedly her stomach was irritated by the Tamaflu! So she got to hang out at home and get her bed and bathroom clean and homework completed! 

As a result of Vacation, Viruses, & Vomit, most the work I had planned on doing got put on hold again. Except for the privilege of the virtual world for meetings and work!  This was a lifesaver! When the "sickies" were resting and cleaning I was able to attend a meeting to develop a 501c3- nonprofit corporation, download forms that needed to be submitted and respond to several business & personal emails and work on a presentation! I must say that when times throw plans into a tizzy, the virtual world saves me every time!!

So, I ask... Would all this have happened if I had been home or is it payback? Hmmm... Most likely not too much would have changed... Viruses and vomit strike no matter what and the virtual world is something I depend on regularly. So, the next time I attend a meeting away, I simply pray that everyone is healthy upon my return so we can enjoy each other in healthy times.... 
"Vacations" don't make viruses and vomit!!

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