Friday, January 3, 2014

My New Year

As I set out this morning to gut and organize my office, I stumbled upon items that had been tucked away for years! Yes, years! Talking more than 5 and I only moved into my office 3.5 years ago! 

Some things like old teaching materials, grad school notebooks, magazines, dried  out markers and yes, a backpack with snacks, I was EXCITED to find and throw away. But it was the miscellaneous projects from my kids, materials from projects and classes I have taught, pictures and a few books that made my heart jump for joy. I paused to ask myself how do these things get shoved to the back? How can I bring them and new things of similar importance to the front of the closet, cabinet etc? 
Ok, the obvious is organization! The next step is to throw more things! And finally I decided I needed to let go of so many things that eat away at me, my sprit, my energy, my being every day. Some of them I control, but many of them I don't. 

So in 2014 I tackle letting go and being more gracious! I think I will start with finishing cleaning the office and then placing these next to my bed....  I wish you all well in 2014! 

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