Friday, January 23, 2015

If You Give a Mom a Garbage Bag

About a week ago I finally realized why I felt like I started a lot of things, but never got any of them finished. I seriously felt like I had been suffering from adult onset ADD, but it wasn't. It was simpler than that..... Simply, I AM A MOM! I have a million things running through my mind all at once and I just hope that my brain can keep up and put all those thoughts into the right folder in my brain so most things when they do get done are done fairly accurately!

And so on this day, when I had this revelation, my story began,,,,

If You Give A Mom A Garbage Bag

If you give a mom a garbage bag expecting her to place it in the can,
she will find a piece of dirty clothes laying on the floor in the way.

The dirty clothes will lead her down the hall towards the clothes hamper when
she will hear a child yell her name.

Spinning to decipher which child and where they are calling from and yelling, " Yes, what?!"
she steps on a pile of legos and stops to pick them up.

As she is picking them up she notices that there are dust bunnies and left over lunch on the floor
and puts down the garbage bag, laundry, and lego and heads to get the broom.

On the way to the broom closet a child calls her name again
and she dashes to the stairs to once again say , Yes, what?"!

Which is met with, " Did you remember that I have a birthday party to go to today?",
she sighs puts her hands on her head and contemplates what Christmas gift could be re-gifted.

But as she mentally runs down the gift list, the telephone rings.
She stops to answer the phone and agrees to bring rolls to church.

Because she agreed to bring rolls,
she stops to make sure she has flour in the pantry.

As she reaches for the door knob on the cupboard
she notices that it is all caked in "stuff".

As a result of it being covered in weeks worth of gunk,
she grabs a paper towel, wets it and walks back to wash the handle.

When she is done washing the handle she opens the garbage can to toss in the towel,
suddenly she realizes that she never put the garbage bag in the can.

Which leads mom back to the pile of the garbage bag, dirty clothes and legos,
when she decides that it is time for a cup of coffee and a status update on Facebook!

For all you moms out there, remember that for the millions of things that go half done that your effort may be worth more than the success of completion!

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  1. This is SO TRUE! I have experienced this many times, and I don't have five children! I actually don't know how you do it!