Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Quiet Evening BUT....

I have always heard that being a parent has its ups and down. Today was one of those days. Kids not getting along, no one willing to pitch and pick things up and attitude like I haven't seen for a long time. I really think that my kids are over tired and in need of some down time. BUT, a few things really needed to get done and the kids needed to help... AND the they all got home from school early today... PERFECT, or maybe not so perfect timing! 

Tonight is also a HUGE game for our small town volleyball team- a chance to take 1st in the district, a huge honor!  I had hoped to take the kids and go, but given our struggles in the afternoon, I knew they would not be in any shape to attend and cheer at the game that it probably wouldn't start until 8pm. 

So, I instituted quiet time after out few chores were complete. To my surprise no one whined, complained, or threw a fit. In the midst of an hour they all found something to if and 2 kids ended up falling asleep. They found activities that were not loud and did not require a TV or other electronic device!  

So if parenting has it's ups and downs I am happy to say we ended up and only know the good times because of the tougher ones. 

We are missing what I am sure will be a great time at volleyball, but we gained some ground on a house much out of control, spent time together, and got ready for a fun deer hunting opener weekend! 
I don't think we could have ended the day better!

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