Thursday, November 21, 2013

Leftovers and Sell by Date Creations

I often try to use up the random things that are leftover in my fridge. This AM when I opened it up there were lots of new/ unopened containers. Cream, Ricotta cheese, eggs, and spinach top the list. There was also some stale gluten free bread and a stick of butter that I am sure had been hidden since before school let out for the summer.  I could now see them because I used most of the leftovers earlier this week in a soup and breakfast bake. So, I started checking dates... Nov. 28, Nov. 12, Dec. 6, and Nov. 18. Hmmm. I knew with Thanksgiving coming and that these needed to be used very soon or they really would not be useable. I opened the packages up, sniffed, tasted, and decided that they were "just fine". 

I decided to make lasagna, manicotti, and baked french toast. 

I found myself in trouble came after I got the lasagna made. I had a lot of filling for the manicotti left, but no meat to put in it. So back to the fridge I went. Wallah! I found the last bit of Sunday's beef roast. That was what I had and what I was going to use. Into the food processor it went and then into the pasta tubes! Worked like a charm and full of protein!
After covering it with the end of 2012's homemade spaghetti sauce  and a bit of cheese, it was complete! 

My freezer is now filled with several pans of tasty meals, breakfast is made for tomorrow, and my fridge is now almost empty! 
I guess it is time to start filling it back up. Well, maybe after Thanksgiving!

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