Sunday, November 3, 2013

We the People: Thankful and Time to Share

As the month of November beings, I am always thrown into the mode of remembering things and taking time to acknowledge things and people that I am thankful for. So tonight, I start a series of posts called, " We the People".

On this November 3rd, 2013, I am ultimately thankful for the words, " We the People". At a time when the country is struggling, I hear chatter about individuals not being able to make a difference, and personal struggle  with many events,  I am drawn to these words. WE THE PEOPLE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We have been given a voice, a brain, and a right to ask, investigate and speak out. WE THE PEOPLE deserve answers and acknowledgement. WE THE PEOPLE need to know that this is still our country, our home. WE THE PEOPLE can make a difference. BUT, WE THE PEOPLE need to step up and be heard. 

So many times we are upset about things and just sit and complain in our own homes, to our neighbors, and our spouses. We choose not to speak out, be heard and share our experiences, our stories with a larger audience. We may be afraid that our voice will offend others. (They may just be offended because they wish they could have said it, feel guilty, or simply have a different perspective. Don't be afraid. If they can realize that you are standing up for and not directly against them, all will be okay.) We may also feel defeated before we have even begun or that no one cares. Additionally, we may even feel that we don't know enough to speak out. But, we DO know enough. WE know our story. WE know how a decision, change or event impacts us and this is what people need to hear. 

WE THE PEOPLE cannot settle, we cannot let others make our decsions, we cannot swallow our voices. We have to find our voice, speak loudly and share our story. No one can change the emotions, facts and impact that our own stories tell. So I ask that WE THE PEOPLE not be so afraid, look at our own stories and speak up and out! Share with a neighbor, your community, your community school, the media, and your elected officials! WE THE PEOPLE have a lot to share. 
Who doesn't like a good story, and we have a lot to share! 

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