Thursday, November 7, 2013

Breakfast Treats: Carmel Apple Monkey Bread

It's no secret that I love tasty food! I enjoy making it, sharing it, and consuming it!  I am also one that never follows a recipe and hates to see food go to waste. So, this morning I took some leftovers, some partial servings, and a few fresh items out and made ... Carmel Apple Monkey Bread! 

I took a 9x13 nonstick pan with 2"sides, coated it with non- stick spray. Then I took my container (about 1.5 cups) of left over baked apples and layed them loosely in the bottom of the pan. The next step is to take a ziplock bag and place approximately 1.5 cups of white sugar and a reasonable amount if ground cinnamon in it. ( side note : cinnamon is a great seasoning for brain power) I shake the sugar and cinnamon a bit so they mix together. Then I take 2 containers of jumbo refrigerator biscuits or cinnamon rolls or a combination depending on what I may have. (You can use bread dough too.) Cut them into bite size pieces and drop into sugar mix. Coat with sugar mix and drop into pan on top of apples. Making a single to double layer fairly evenly spread.  

Then the extra tasty part.... In a microwave safe dish I melt 1 stick BUTTER. I mix in about 1 cup brown sugar. Then it needs some form if heavy dairy product. Today I melted the last (about 1/2 cup) of vanilla ice cream and added the last of my heavy cream, about 1/2 cup to the butter and brown sugar mixture. These ingredients need to be mixed well- 2 minutes. Finally, I poured the caramel sauce over the bread dough. I try to get it all covered evenly. Yes, it will seep to the bottom. 
I placed it in a 325 degree preheated oven and cooked it for 1 hour. Took it out and flipped it over on a cookie sheet!  

Yum! The kids enjoy it! The guys at the farm shop like it too! It takes a bit of time, but a tasty treat every once in awhile never hurts! 

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