Sunday, March 6, 2011

Selfish or Selfless

As I sit in my office surrounded by chaos, boxes of books and trinkets to go to kids during my Ag in a Bag classes, piles of papers to file, the washing machine spinning and the TV  playing the newest rerun episode of Chopped and kids running in and out asking for snacks, I find myself sitting on Facebook.

Now I have to say that most of the time I just like reading what other people post, most of it updates about kids or plans for the evening, but occasionally there is something worth reposting. Yesterday my cousin posted a video about a father and a son that was perhaps the most inspirational thing I had seen in a long time. It made me sit back, cry and ask myself to dig deep and reflect on all that we have in our life. I thought to myself, "Am I in a position to do this with my kids?". Then I found myself asking.... is this thing that I do or that thing that I do selfish or selfless and is it possible to be both.

I love being able to work outside the home, travel and do things that not everyone is able to do- selfish. I love being with my kids, giving my time to others and organizations that are in need- selfless. I also find it a bit selfish as it does provide some self gratification. I hate doing laundry, clean and do dishes, but they have to get done. I love to cook, read and sew, but they happen very rarely. I struggle to keep a balance and keep things in perspective and know that if I lean too far one way or another that I am not doing anyone any good.  So I then have to ask... what is the next step and where does one go from here....

I can honestly say that I have not been able to completely answer my own question. I do know though that if we never do anything for ourselves or for others we are missing HUGE pieces that help us feel good and truly make life rich. The biggest challenge is keeping a balance.

I ask you to please take a few minutes to watch this very powerful video and the interview that accompanies it. Never give up and know that it you set your mind to something that there always is a way!
Video: My Redeemer Lives, Team Hoyt
Video Interview: Dick and Rick Hoyt                         

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