Monday, March 7, 2011

Views From My Windows

Growing up in Minneapolis, MN, I did not know what wide open spaces were. I was raised knowing that when you saw the black clouds above or heard the booms of thunder over the traffic that it was going to rain within a few minutes. I will never forget my first weather experience in ND.

Ok Ok, my first ND weather experience was a beautiful day and looked something like this view of a wheat field from this past summer.

My most memorable ND weather experience ....I was riding in the tractor for what seemed like forever. Early in the afternoon we were harrowing a very bumpy hilly field headed southwest and I looked out the massive front window onto the horizon and noticed a line of dark clouds. Instinctively I said, " We'll have to head in soon. It's going to pour in just a bit." Little did I know that the storm was over 60 miles away and was probably more like 150 miles from our location. I was quickly corrected and spent the rest of the afternoon amazed by the building and movement of the storm.

 Ever since then, I have been fascinated by the views of the sky and the countryside that I can see from the many windows I sit behind: the kitchen windows, front windows, car windows and yes, even tractor windows. No matter how often the sun shines, flakes fly, winds blow or a storm brews, I love all that the wide open spaces of rural ND that I call home.

Snow in backyard as of last week

Shingles blown off from the wind in front yard

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  1. Storms moving in still amaze me...and I've lived here most of my life. I love the pics!