Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Crazy Bedtime Routine

Most nights I push my kids to get cleaned up, in PJs, and snuggled in bed. Tonight Steven came home later than most winter nights so everything was running behind. Suddenly it was VERY late and wild!

The kids decided that wrestling and spinning and sliding down the stairs was a better idea than baths, teeth brushing and a story.

After I finally took the stair sliding box away and convinced one of the kids that she should find a book for dad to read, that things started to calm down... Well kind of... Story time became combined with wrestling.

The night ended just prior to injuries and with a pile of kids trying to convince me that they can sleep with dad on the floor!
Good times and good memories. It was also good timing since dad will be out much later very soon when the planting season of the farm year begins.

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