Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A New Learning Format For Me

I am a life long learner. I actively seek out information on a variety of topics. I attend numerous conferences, classes, and read several publications hoping to gain understanding and in efforts of broadening my knowledge base. I prefer learning opportunities in person, with small groups where I can apply the info to something that will make a difference in my farm business or in my teaching. Today, I was introduced to the direction that learning opportunities are headed in a very fast pace.... ONLINE!

Kevin Klair from the Center of Farm Financial Management at the University of Minnesota shared the following info....


Which says to me that I need to get comfy with online format, should I choose to learn online, I can do so in my PJ's and with less time invested in transportation, and that I also should be more successful because I am an older than average student and female. Another bonus is that it is less expensive to take many trainings online than in person. (It does cost significantly more to develop online material... 1 online hour takes about 220 hours of prep work!)

I guess I will be logging on with yet another ID and password in my efforts of staying in fashion with the learning community!

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