Sunday, March 3, 2013

He Must Be Listening

There are days that I wonder if any of my children get anything out of church. During most Sunday masses, I am lucky if I can catch a sentence or two. Today, when I left the kids in the car to grab a few things in the office, my middle child decided to let me know that despite his busy behavior and character that he does indeed glean information during mass and CCD. This is what I came back to the car to find... boots and socks off, dry erase marker uncapped, and a look of glee across his face. I looked at him closely and saw the following.....

How could I be upset. So innocent, so rich in belief, and so simple. He was listening, he heard, and hopefully will take the message of sacrifice to heart as he continues to grow. I know it made me think... How am I living my life? What am I doing to strengthen my relationships and faith? Perhaps, he was sending me a message.

PS. He also put a cross on his baby sister's head.... so cute!

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