Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mommy's Day(s) Out

With five kids running around and a busy time for farming right around the corner, I have decided that I needed to do something for myself! Funny thing is, it ties directly into my busy life. I, along with a friend of mine - another busy mom- decided to attend the Women's Farm and Forestry Conference this week in St. Paul, MN!

I was very excited to spend time with another adult,and with minimal interruptions. The plan was to not have a plan for a day and a half and then attend the conference. For the most part this panned out. We started the day with lunch and then a glimpse at a home project of hers. After some down time in the town of Jamestown, ND we were off for the Twin Cities!

We talked and talked and talked! We also hit ND/MN late winter roads.... rain, snow, sun and wind make for SLOW interesting driving!

Day 2 was full of shopping! We spent 4 hours at IKEA. We found plenty, loaded the pickup up and still have lists of things that we want to purchase!

We also hit the Mall of America (MOA) and could have spent the next few days there, but only had a few hours so we stopped at the American Girls store of course!
After a long day shopping, my friend and I hit up the mexican restaurantfro dinner with my parents! They even brought me my favorite bread! SCORE!

We checked in to the St. Paul Hotel....VERY BEAUTIFUL.... and with Valet Parking. I was elated that I didn't have to squeeze my truck in or out of a small parking spot in the city! Then we got ready to enjoy quality uninterrupted sleep. We even promised not to snore!

Monday and Tuesday were a blast!

There was a lot of info, brainstorming, and networking! One of the best parts was meeeting some of the people I follow on Facebook that are currently having a big impact in the US on agricultural issues. I also thoroughly enjoyed meeting numerous new fabulous people that shared so much and got me thinking about more things than usual!

Mommy's day(s) out were filled with a variety of activities. Ones that were well worth the travel and time away from the kids, farm and office. But I will be honest, this mommy was ready to give hugs and snuggle with her family when she returned home.

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