Monday, March 18, 2013

Taking on the Prom

Today was a first for this mom... PROM! No my kids aren't in high school, but one of our babysitters is and asked Chris, age 5 to walk in the Grand March with her.

He was VERY excited! The evening started with the official getting "manned up" process. Yes that included shaving, " man- spray", and deoderant! Chris even insited that he wear his underwear and sock to "man-up" just like the men do.

After a bit of prep work he was ready to put on his clothes. Nothing like a little guy in a vest and tie to win you over, right? But then we added the hat... and as he said, " the ladies will melt like butter". Where he gets his lines, I am not sure, but he was right!

We headed out the door in plenty of time to meet his "date". When we got to the school he found her right away! He allowed us to snap a few pictures and then waited for his turn to walk down the aisle. At the end of the aisle he kneeled and presented her with flowers. The audience sighed! What a little man!

The evening ended with a dance and a few punch cups, which he took home to save until the next time his date babysits so they can continue the party!

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  1. So very precious!!! What a little man you have there!