Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Power of McFood

Some suppers are not about well put together meals, but simply feeding the masses quickly in between a variety of activities. Tonight was one of those nights. I prepared PB&J sandwiches, fish filets and baked mashed potato puffs. As the kids walked through the kitchen they were not impressed and asked what I was making for breakfast tomorrow.

I quickly thought.... Cereal! Nothing like forgoing a hot breakfast in efforts of getting them to eat dinner. Then one said. I think I will wait and eat at school in the morning. Thinking fast again, "What? You don't want McFish and McTaters?" I replied.

"McFish? Yah I'll have that. Can I have ranch?", said the previously not interested child. And so the McFood became a hit. All four big kids ate without a complaint.

I will openly admit that I am sick of McDonalds and my kids' desperate plea to eat there each time we go to Bismarck, but I am thankful tonight to the McSensation and for its influence on the now empty space in my freezer and the full bellies of my kids!

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